paolo-hermaninPaolo Hermanin was born in Rome in 1951. From a very early age he demonstrated, through a natural dexterity and inventive curiosity, a preference for artistic materials over conventional playthings.

But what most attracted him, and what gave rise to his passion for art were the long walks in the mountains he took with his father and five brothers. His spirit of observation and ability to enter into complete symbiosis with what nature offers translated into sketches and drawings in which his surroundings, particularly rocks and clouds, were the main subjects. In fact these two manifestations of the natural world continue to be present in all his work, shown in all their changeability, shape-shifting and expressivity.

He studied classics in High School, and at University combined Art History and Psychology in his study of the psychogenesis of creativity. He was awarded a place of study at l’École National d’Arts Decoratifs in Nice, France where he specialized in various techniques including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture.

Back in Rome he began to explore the dramatic arts, and began an acting career that spanned twenty years, working with Italian directors Paolo Poli, Orazio Costa, and Ronconi. During this time he also collaborated on the set design for various theatrical productions including “Rimanga con Noi” with Carlo Verdone and many productions of the Patagruppo. Paolo’s passion for the theatre did not completely distract him from his own artwork and theatrical themes reappear in his engravings and glassworks.

At the end of the eighties, working with nitric acid on painted glass, he developed a new technique for working with mirrored glass which was rich with expressive potential. He presented this to the public for the first time in 1987 at the group show “Sette più Sette” (Seven plus Seven) at the Gallery Studio S for Contemporary Art, to critical acclaim.

Paolo’s oeuvre is figurative, expressed through many and varied techniques such as etching on mirrored glass; stained glass, both traditional and collage technique; mural painting; and sculpture in wood, bronze and clay.